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  (5 out of 5)  by Cindy O. – October 4,2015
Change usually makes me a bit nervous. I can tell after one visit with you and your team that we will have a long lasting dental relationship. I was very comfortable there. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristen M. – August 26,2015
Dr. Tran is professional, thorough, and kind. He is an excellent dentist, and both my husband and I highly recommend his practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jesse H. – July 9,2015
Very welcoming environment I especially liked being able to see my teeth the photos and video. This really helps the patient see what the Dentist is prescribing. I enjoyed the whole visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kersten B. – May 23,2015
Dr. Tran, It’s refreshing to have you “The Dr.” actually do the cleaning. I have never experienced that in all of my 46 years. Thank you, Kersten
  (5 out of 5)  by Andrew C. – May 5,2015
Great first visit. Nice chatting with your team. I look forward to seeing you again. Best of luck Andy
  (5 out of 5)  by Justin B. – April 15,2015
Very friendly and super clean, and new office customer service was welcoming and professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Christina P. – April 7,2015
Dr. Tran is gentle, knowledgeable and efficient; a winning combination for me, a patient that has anxiety of dental procedures!
  (5 out of 5)  by Leila R. – March 25,2015
I really enjoyed my first visit at Mint Dental. Dr. Tran was very thorough and the support staff were very helpful. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jenelle W. – February 26,2015
Beautiful office and great staff! Thank you for a great appointment!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kerri F. – February 23,2015
Thank you for everything you do for us!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristin H. – February 10,2015
Most friendly staff which make you feel comfortable and at ease !! The facility is top notch and always super clean !! Dr. Tran and his team always do an amazing job !! I am pretty sure I will never have a bad experience here !! Thank you !!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ian B. – February 2,2015
Needless to say we all have varied thoughts when it comes to dental work and for the most part these tend to err on the negative side. To hear that both my children Giselle and Jagger had a good experience at Mint Dental recently speaks volumes to Dr. Tran and his expert staff. Knowing that if my kids said that it was good, then I knew I was in for a good experience and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend Dr. Tran and his professional team, all of who were an absolute delight. Ian Bell (949)939-8483 PS Yes, I am willing to stand behind sharing my phone number should anyone be interested in hearing my testimonial directly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Peyton T. – January 12,2015
Definetly happy here. J. Tran is excellent. My kids love the dentist now. Thank you Dr. Tran.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kimberly B. – December 20,2014
Everyone at Mint Dental is very friendly and considerate. Cheryl is extremely knowledgable about insurance coverage and costs. I highly recommend the practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by James G. – October 14,2014
Very welcoming and calming atmosphere. I also appreciated Dr. Tran going over my insurance coverage and the costs for recommended treatments.
  (5 out of 5)  by Hannah R. – August 13,2014
Professional environment . Warm and welcoming . Very pleased with the thoroughness of exam. Definitely am a continuing patient. I will make an effort to get the word out about your high quality practice. I’m going to speak to friends and write a review for yelp. Thank you and I’m looking forward to my appt in Sept. Hannah
  (5 out of 5)  by Constanze A. – July 15,2014
Best dental visit ever! Everything is well thought out, down to the smallest detail. It may seem silly but I even noticed the quality of the blanket! I felt right at home 🙂 I loved the towel at the end, the cleanliness of the entire practice, the fresh flowers, etc. Even the fact that the instruments are kept behind my head and out of my sight helped me to relax. But the best part was the gentle cleaning and perfect job of the bonding of my tooth. The entire experience could not have been better 🙂 Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Capoizin T. – June 19,2014
Positive experience all around. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.
  (5 out of 5)  by Saghar K. – June 11,2014
I feel really comfortable with doctor Teh and his team , they are really caring . Dentistry always makes me nervous, but in mint dental I have never gotten nervous and I’m always happy and relax with them. I recommend mint dental to everyone.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarika P. – June 4,2014
I had an awesome experience at the dental office. It’s extremely warm and welcoming. I thought everyone was very knowledgeable and genuine in there. Thank you so much
  (5 out of 5)  by Debby C. – June 4,2014
Very Happy as a customer or patient. It’s nice to find a good Dentist, and are hard to find. I have been Blessed and thankful for his service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca G. – June 3,2014
The whole atmosphere was very relaxing & comfortable!! I was greeted by Dr. Tran and he immediately put me at ease! Thank you for making my experience awesome!
  (5 out of 5)  by Maureen D. – June 3,2014
Thanks for taking care of me late that night. You did an outstanding job and I really appreciate it. Great to see your new office even under those circumstances. it’s beautiful! Maureen
  (5 out of 5)  by Evan W. – May 10,2014
Dr Tran was gentle and caring!! Cheryl was so friendly and great with kids!! Very warm and welcoming experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristin H. – April 22,2014
I loved everything about my experience !! I will highly recommend your practice and I felt completely comfortable having my teeth cleaned, cavity filled, X-rays !!! Etc – overall GREAT experience !! Thank you !!
  (5 out of 5)  by Nicholas W. – April 21,2014
My visit to Mint Dental was outstanding. Dr. Tran and his staff are the best! I’d definitely recommend them to anyone.
  (5 out of 5)  by Delsa F. – March 14,2014
It was a very comforting experience. Dr. Tran is very kind and professional and Honest. I thank him and his staff for a great experience today for my check-up. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by William N. – February 26,2014
Dr. Tran has been the best. Realizing the problems I’m going through, he has explained everything that is going on, and made me feel very comfortable. Went through a deep cleaning this morning and thought I would be asleep on the couch tonight. Wrong! I feel great and look forward to seeing him and his team again. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Katherine C. – February 13,2014
I was thrilled with how comfortable the team made me feel. The entire experience was better than any other dental office I’ve been to. I have already recommended Mint Dental to family and co-workers. Thank you so much for instantly putting me at ease. The office is beautiful, clean, and relaxing.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jill M. – February 6,2014
Love Dr. Tran and Cheryl. The office is tranquil, clean and very professional. My treatment was painless and they made every effort to make me comfortable. Everything is high tech and they even have TV’s to watch during treatment. I may be old school but all I used to look at was a seventies style mural that honestly depressed me!! Can I say Netflix!! I highly recommend Mint Dental!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jill M. – January 30,2014
I had my first appointment today and could not have been more pleased. Cheryl and Dr. Tran were incredibly kind and professional. The office is gorgeous and my treatment was painless!! They went above and beyond to make me comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Mint Dental!
  (5 out of 5)  by Neftali G. – January 24,2014
I loved the modern/high tech setting in the office, that is what the dentist office of future looks like.
  (5 out of 5)  by Zoe A. – January 18,2014
In the words of a 4.5 year old, “I feel great, Mommy, now that my teeth are all sparkly!”
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason L. – January 2,2014
I was very pleased with my initial visit to your office. I felt very comfortable, well care for, and I also appreciate all the information regarding future treatment(s). Thank You again!
  (5 out of 5)  by Maria-Soledad R. – December 30,2013
Dr. and nurse extremely polite and nice, always worried for my wellbeing. Like them very much.
  (5 out of 5)  by Eric L. – December 5,2013
best dental practice i have been to in my life. i have had some horror stories from when i was a kid like getting 6 amalgram fillings without any sedatives/ novacane/ or laughing gas. the first thing i can say about this office is that patient comfort is priority. before doing any medical procedure the number one task of the team is to make sure the client is calm and comfortable. from having 2 tv’s your preference of media, and a very clean environment serviced by frinedly and knowledgeable staff is the reason i have recommended this dentist to all of my coworkers, friends, and family.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lindsey B. – December 4,2013
The staff and facility are phenomenal. I was greeted right away when I arrived and was clearly walked through the patient information process. All was done electronically, which I LOVE since I know how much paper is typically wasted in the process. The office is mint, pun intended, and smelled great. All technology is up to date and I trust they know what they are doing. The best part was when I was presented with a breakdown of what my out of pocket costs would be after the initial evaluation from the doc. I really appreciate the time they take to keep me informed and aware of what is going on. I love the screens for watching Netflix, it does help keep your mind off the cleaning/procedure. Overall, I am glad I tried Mint Dental out and will be a patient there from here on out. I’m sad to leave my current Dentist, but unfortunately, he didn’t keep up with the times, technology and modern office comforts. Thanks for all your attention to detail.